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  Blouse- Phillip Lim for Target (Sold out)(Loving this)// Skirt- Forever 21 (old) (similar here)// Shoes Zara (sold out) (similar here)// Clutch -Boohoo (sold out)// Similar here 

It is sad to say that shortly after these pictures were taken my poor skirt had a major malfunction. I won't go into detail but just know it involved my boyfriend trying to re-zip the skirt in the dark... in the rain outside of a comedy show that we were almost an hour late for LOL!! I refused to let the joke be on me and worked it out to say the least. That's here nor there. It was a little cool Saturday so I figured  should get one last whirl of this awesome pencil skirt I scored some years ago before it gets too hot as far as the overall weather is concerned. I love mixing materials to come up with a look. I chose a hard leather skirt and softened it out with a chiffon blouse with floral print. I kept the accessories to a minimum and by minimum I mean earrings only, I did not want to take away from the blouse.

I hope you all enjoy this look because it is the last time this skirt will be worn. It has made it's way to the trash. Good bye and good ridden! Ps: I have to find me another one before the fall. lol

Making my dreams come true,

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