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Painting The City Green

As I have gotten older I don't find the need to hang out all the time. I pretty much reserve my party time for when it counts. Every year my close friends and I head to Savannah Georgia during the St Patrick's Day weekend for their festivities. Savannah is known to host one of the largest St.Patty's Day parties in the country.. comparable to Mardi Gras in New Orleans. We always reserve a fancy hotel in historic downtown to catch all the action. Of course I wish I could have captured every moment.. well, not every moment. But of course that's impossible... I have to protect the innocent, lol. The setting couldn't be more perfect...getting shit faced via open containers, green fountains, street concerts, and all type of costumes! The only thing I regret is that we did not indulge in the fine dining Savannah has to offer. We were too busy having a good time to be serious. I apologize in advance for the abundance of duck lips or blurry shots. Anyway, here is my little photo album of the weekend through my eyes. I can't wait to attend next year.
Nail polish- Nicole by OPI "Mermaid for each other"

Andaz Savannah
14 Barnard St Savannah, Ga 

B&D Burgers
209 W. Congress St Savannah, Ga 

 I TRIED to be healthy lol...

Byrd's Cookie Company 
6700 Waters Ave Savannah, Ga 

 Goose Feathers Cafe 
39 Barnard St Savannah (SOOOOO GOOD!)

Jaime found it necessary to visit this cemetery O_o which concluded our visit. 

Making my dreams come true,

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