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When it comes to style it is my belief (along with 98.9% of the fashion community) that an accessory can make or break a look. I can't tell you how many times I have gotten ready and look at the accessories I have chosen and hate my look based of that. "Something just isn't right" is what I mumble to myself, I get to switching around pieces here and there and viola, it's like a whole new outfit. You can have on Plain Jane, solid colors, or even a basic tee and jeans and it looks just like I said.. Plain Jane basic. But with the right necklace, hat, head wrap, earrings, bag, or even shades you can take a simple look to simply fabulous. Don't believe me?

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Now after looking at all of those looks above close your eyes and imagine them without accessories... get it? You need to accessorize! If you want my advice I say splurge a little on accessories. Why? Well.. aren't you paying attention? They can make or break your look. You should invest in them. That's all the elaboration necessary.
If you're not sure where to start, go for a statement necklace(s). The necklace you choose is like a mantle for your fire place., it completes the look. How dramatic you want to go is up to you. You want to select a piece that one.. goes with the look you are trying to accomplish and two can be timeless for years to come. Would you believe I have some accessories that are still very much relevant when it comes to fashion? Stick with hardware.. let's get away from the plastic accessories and those god damn gaudy "themed" necklaces (sea escapade equipped with starfish, coral, and sea horses as an example) *silently cries*.

Instead look for different shades of jewels, shapes, and metal tones. Have a variety based on your different style preferences.. you know, who you want to be for any given day. Such as the items I have picked out above as my favs... Boho, a little rocker, chic, and classic. Pretty much my style at this point. Whatever you do just be comfortable doing it.
Oh, and don't think you have to wear a statement necklace everyday with everything. I dislike that, a lot but hey to each her own.. it's okay to skip the necklace and opt for just earrings, or even a small necklace sometimes. That has nothing to do with this but I just thought that I should mention. 

What are your thoughts on accessorizing? How important is it to you?

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