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Luck of the Irish

 Blouse Men's Ralph Lauren- Here Similar Here // Pants Banana Republic- bought in store similar Here// Belt and Cross-Body- Vintage 

St Patrick's day was the ending to my three day frenzy of dancing with people with green beards, overly intoxicating myself, and staying up until 4 am. My friends and I have decided to have yearly retreat to Savannah, Georgia for the annual festivities. I can not lie, I look forward to this time every year. Anyway, Monday was the day to go home and I initially intended to wear a more sophisticated flat but after all the walking and excessive movement I opted this look out for my go-to comfortable converse. I love my headband the Karaoke DJ placed on my head during one of my wonderfully sung tunes (blank stare). lol!! Pictures to come of my wild and crazy weekend. I'm not sure if I have the luck of the Irish, but I was sure lucky to make it home in one piece. I kid.. I kid.  

How did you celebrate St. Patty's Day?

Making my dreams come true,


  1. Awesome pics :)

    Stupendous look

  2. Hi Ashley...That man's oxford shirt looks amazing on you. You're incredible


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