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Bejeweled Faux Leather cap- River Island (Similar here) Vintage Denim Jacket- Guess (Similar here)// Cropped Tank top - River Island (Similar style here)// Faux leather trousers- Silence and Noise for Urban Outfitters (similar here)// Wheat Timberlands-Journeys 

Literally whatever.. Hmmm let's see here vintage jacket, cropped tank, leather trousers, boots, bejeweled hat, and a non matching designer bag. So many brands, time frames, and seasons mixed up.. who cares, it goes. It's like that sometimes..the best looks aren't planned. Okay, who am I kidding. There are exceptions to the rules sometimes. I was going to my God Brother's "Supa 16" birthday party and wanted to be age appropriate to say the least. I said I was going to chill on wearing so many kicks.. but I mean come on.. do you really expect me to wear 6 inch heels and trousers to a party with teenagers twerking? Plus, I figured I may as well get all my faux leather and boot wearing out of the way. I do live in Florida, the cool days won't be here much longer. 

Happy 16th Birthday Keith!!!! Can you BELIEVE I used to babysit him... No no better yet I was at the hospital when he was born?? Time surely zips by doesn't it!? Maybe I just really getting old :(

Oh! Pardon me for the fridge in the background the lighting was horrible.

Making my dreams come true, 


  1. Super cool pics <3
    Very good outfit

  2. you can never go wrong with a pair of tims and a good LV bag Im here for this

    1. I know right!!! Thank you so much for your input :)


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