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Good Things Come One Way Or Another

You see this bag right here? I got my hands on it. Why do I feel it be significant to let you all know? Well let me show you..

These are just a few examples of reason I completely fell in love with this bag at first sight. Since I've been frequenting my Lookbook and Chictopia accounts more I have gotten tons of fashion inspiration. You all have no idea. I notice a lot of the top fashionistas sport this bag. The first time I saw it I had to do a little research to learn it is a simple "handbag" from H&M. Priced at $39.95 it's almost unbelievable! Sad part it was unbelievable.. because it was sold OUT! I found a black one and when I went to place my order it said the product was sold out. I was absolutely crushed.. but even more crushed to learn they had a taupe one that was also sold out. Truth is, I have been perusing the shopping scene heavily for the perfect taupe structured bag. So I got desperate and went to eBay and found a hunter green one..didn't really want that color but I didn't care, I WANTED THIS BAG!! I placed a bid... and for some odd reason the whole listing disappeared. O_o

This sold out incident happened about a two weeks ago. Long story short during my scan of H&M's new arrivals I found it!!... I .... found.. it!!! It is scheduled to be restocked 3/31/14. I almost had a heart attack! I instantly paid for my bag on the spot. I also saved 20% with the promo code "1616".. good for any one item when you purchase from the website. Offer expires 3.27.14. You can find the bag here.. along with a "denim blue" one as well. If you know me well, you know when I want something I just have to have it. This bag is a staple piece that was a no brainer have to have. I have plans for it. I know I have issues.. blame fashion. lol

PS: Needless to say I'm happy the eBay listing vanished *wipes sweat from forehead*. What do you think of this bag?

Making my dreams come true,


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    1. I know right! I guess it was meant to be, because just like THAT it's sold out... again. In taupe anyway.


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