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 T Shirt- Urban Outfitters (sold out...  similar here) // Jeans- Top Shop (Similar here
Sunday.. my favorite day of the week. Why? It's a day of rest and it's like the weekly reset button for me. It is usually my weekly ritual to do a little house work, and get my mind right for the week to come. It's also the day I kick it at the beach (my favorite place in the city)  for Sunday Funday. Being that it's early March and spring is hardly arrived Sunday Funday at the beach is obsolete. Doesn't mean I still can't celebrate. I had no shame walking in one of my favorite eateries wearing one of my favorite shirts with a big fat Mother Fucker written across it. I was accompanied by my favorite company who was reluctant to walk the beach with his fresh pair of Bel- Air Jordans, he walked far enough for me to get a few shots lol. The only thing missing was a cup of frozen yogurt.. which to my disappointment was not accessible to me. When the hell did the Mochi in Jax Beach Close!?!? None the less today was a perfect day.
 Scallop Taco, Carne Royal Taco 
 Sangria Rita 

TacoLu Baja Mexicana 
1712 Beach Blvd Jacksonville Beach 

How was your Sunday?

Making my dreams come true, 


  1. Super awesome pics
    <3 Nice outfit too -head to toe-


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