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I have decided that this year I want to invest in real shoes.. by real shoes I mean top of the line designer heels. Not limited to Christian Louboutin, Giuseppe Zanotti, and Valentino just to name a few. However, the way my life and bank account is set up I don't have it to just drop 600.00+ at one time. To some it may sound absurd to spend large sums of money on shoes. However, it is something I have come to understand that is very important to a timeless wardrobe. If you buy the right type of shoe it can last you forever. Therefore I decided to start a shoe fund. How does this work? I wasn't entirely sure at first because I have been making this up as I go. I'm not even sure if this is fool proof but hey, anything is worth a shot.

1. (The most important step). Purchase a container with a lid. Once the money goes in your container, NO TAKING IT OUT. If you want to make it more interesting decorate it or buy an actual shoe fund jar/box. Here's my Shoe Stache..

Shoe "Stache" Jar Purchased from  Two Green Monkeys (Complete with my first dollar)

2. Any extra change you have throughout the day in your car cup holder, dresser, kitchen counter or wherever. Throw in the container at the end of the day.

3. Any extra bills you can spare such as 1s and 5s or hell if you're feeling fancy 20s... throw them in.

4. Decide on a personal percentage you want to save. For example if the shoes you want cost 500.00 and you want to save half, then you know how much you need to save. The percentage you chose is up to you.

5. Come up with a time frame. If you want to see how far you get in 2 months.. 2 weeks.. whatever it's up to you.

6. At the end of your time frame count up your cash. Have enough for your personal goal? Go make your purchase. If not keep saving.

7. Have self control, I meant what I said about NOT touching the money once it goes into your bank. *mama voice*

True story: I have a change bucket I sort of do this same process with and after 3 months I had $200 in change! That was without doing anything extra or giving it any thought. Imagine how much you could have with an intention/ goal. Don't think this is limited to shoes.. try this strategy for any goal you have set that requires money. I think I can speak for the majority of my readers and declare that I have major bills every month. Although I could drop 700.00 on a pair of shoes, it's not ideal, and doesn't make sense. I rather save up and actually work toward a goal. An have the full 700.00 in my pocket lol. If that makes sense.

In case you were wondering here is the first pair of heels I plan on snagging with my bounty...

Christian Louboutin Decolette Pointed Pump retail price $625.00. Can be found here . Remember some posts ago I talked about a basic pair of black pumps? These are the ones for me. Don't worry, I am a true budget shopper I will be looking in other places to find a brand new authentic pair as well. :)

Do you have a "stash"? What big ticket items are you saving for?

Making my dreams come true,

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