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Yay or Hell Naw: Tulle Skirt

If you were a Sex And The City fanatic, one scene that will stick with us the most.... The infamous series finale scene where Carrie was running in the mint green midi length tulle skirt. Yes, the scene touched my heart but what really stuck with me was the freaking skirt. It is no secret Carrie Bradshaw was one of the most quirky dressers ever when it came to a series. Her style was unique and just amazing. Even though the series ended in 2004 her fashion sense is still relevant and not outdated. Don't trot too far down memory lane, that is not the point of today's post. The skirt was so dramatic because here you have a grown woman pretty much wearing a ballerina skirt and made it so chic by pairing it with a tshirt and blazer.. 
I'm not sure if this street style trend ever went away or if I just didn't pay attention. But it appears to be back and more fabulous than ever...
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I would have to give this one a big fat YAY for sure. I am absolutely in love with how the blogger from the second picture paired the skirt with a denim shirt. I have a serious addiction to denim shirts.. I think I would love to try to pull this look off. be warned, you have to be very careful how you style this look.. you definitely would want to try it from a more chic perspective definitely going with a pointy toe pump. Rather than the Cindy Lauper route, shit can get really wacky if you're not careful. lol 

If you're interested in purchasing this look I have created a list of my favorite picks...
1/ 2/ 3/ 4 

Want to get creative (and save money)? Make you own skirt!!

The question is would you wear this look? Yay or Hell Naw. Let me know what you think..

Making my dreams come true,

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