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The Boyfriend Shirt

Button down- Ralph Lauren similar here, 6 inch Timberland Boots here

A year ago wearing a "boyfriend" anything was only subject to the style term. You know.. boyfriend t shirt, boyfriend blazer, and boyfriend jeans. Saturday as I was aimlessly scavenging my closet for what to wear with my fresh wheat Timberlands, I hear "Hey, try on this shirt". I sort of rolled my eyes and tried it on. I couldn't deny that elbow patch detail sold me. What better way to rock a boyish look than with a.. well, boy shirt? Having guy clothes to steal for the day from may not be so bad. *Gulps* or having the boyfriend to steal them from either. lol.

Oh, the secret to not allowing an over sized shirt not appear too big.. tuck the front part into the waistline of your jeans and let the back hang out. Works every time.

Making my dreams come true,

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