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Forever 21 Sale Haul

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Forever 21 is not number 1 on the list of places I shop... however, I am not against the brand. I think it is amazing. I can always rely on them for amazing accessories, staple pieces, and trendy picks at low prices. Let's just be clear the sole purpose of me placing this order in the first place was to get my phone case which was not on sale and the most expensive item bought.. I just so happened to luck up and catch this 50% off sale items same. That's right all of the items they currently have for sale are 50% off!! Hey, why not spend another $30 for 5 more items!? (After shipping the case would cost me $25). Check out what I got for $56!. I can't wait to get my order especially the moto jeans I got for $8.50 as opposed to $24.50. I'm not sure how long this sale is going on so my advice is to pounce on this one. Use code: EXTRA50 at checkout. As always you get free shipping when you spend $50 or more. You're welcome. :)

Making my dreams come true,

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