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Its chic, its slimming, its amazing... its black. I have a new found relationship with this dark color. I find myself wearing daily picks with more black these days. I have just come to grips that I can't do the regular ole "Haines Her Way" sweat pants.. I just can't. Instead I would like to try a pair of more feminine joggers with the skinny ankle or even these terry cloth harem pants. Same effect WAY more chic. I have become absolutely obsessed to raglan tees also known as the baseball tee. It is the perfect way to still wear a t-shirt without the graphics. I don't know if you all recall but I am pretty much over printed tees. This peplum faux leather jacket is everything to me. I am kicking myself very hard that I didn't snag it from my local target when it was on clearance... now I am being forced to pay full price for it. It's all good though. It is a great transitional piece from everyday to glam.

Which is your favorite? How would you style either of these pieces?

Making my dreams come true, 


  1. Thanks alot ash!!!! I am a peep toe bootie freak!!! I am currently ordering these boots! Thanks *dripping with sarcasm* :)

    1. Nisey, no problem!!... I won't lie when I signed on Shoedazzle and saw they were marked down to $25.. I jumped on them too!


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