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Crazy Cooling

Uni Roll and Shrimp Tempura Roll
Clear Soup 

Crazy Sushi
4320 Deerwood Lake Parkway Jacksonville, Fl 

Saturdays are always a great time to do things normal people do... you know shop, enjoy lunch with friends, or hell... in some cases just rest. Speaking of lunch I was taken to this delightful little spot. I have heard so many people rave about it, I was intrigued when my Saturday date pulled up. The location is very colorful and calm. We ordered the Saturday Special which was the Uni Roll. It included, craw fish, shrimp, and cream cheese, deep fried to perfection and drenched in a sauce. We went with a basic shrimp tempura roll not to go too hard on the deep fried foods. To my surprise we were given a soup and salad with our rolls. My meal was absolutely delicious. No complaints. When the check came.. I knew I had found a new sushi home. Ps: Bento is most likely kicked to the curb. lol

Have you ever eaten at Crazy Sushi, what is your favorite selection there?

Making my dreams come true,

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