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Aw Shucks

 Low Country Boil w/ 1 lb of crab added 

1/2 bucket of oysters, steamed medium 

Aw Shucks Oyster Bar, 9743 Old St Augustine Rd Jacksonville, Fl 

When I got off work Sunday evening I knew what I wanted for dinner.. steamed seafood! I was treated to this wonderful establishment. The crab and shrimp were seasoned to perfection. Keep in mind if you want to have oysters you have to sit at the wonderful oyster bar... no really you have to. The waiter steams them in front of you, shucks them, and serves them on a platter. With an added 15% gratuity it's well worth it. This is not your overrated Joe's Crab Shack commercial spot (Yeah.. I said it). Everything is fresh and it was explained they only use non frozen shrimp and their house fish is flounder versus the normal talapia their competitors offer. I enjoyed a "Blue Hawaiian" drink, that came with a souvenir cup... so sweet you almost forget it's alcohol. Don't worry enough of them will sneak up on you. I was told next time I go I can bring my cup back with me and only pay $4 for a refill. If your'e not a seafood person not to worry they offer other dishes which include pasta, chicken, and appetizers. I was highly impressed with the cleanliness and sports bar atmosphere of this establishment. It is kid friendly whereas they have an arcade. Be sure to ask for "Rick" when you go, he was a charm to us and didn't charge the gratuity. Needless to say he got that plus more.

Making my dreams come true,

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