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Time For a Style Make Over..

The day has come, I didn't know how soon it would be I but I have been waiting on it. *sighs* I have outgrown my current wardrobe. It may be shocking to some but not me. I always evaluate looks I put together and I first noticed the abundance of graphic tees in my collection. That's when I started questioning my own styling ability. Do I dress age appropriate? Is my style too youthful?...

 I always wondered how I would dress as I got closer to my thirties. Would I still like wild prints and loud colors? The answer is yes, but in a different aspect.
As I was rummaging through my closet Sunday afternoon I realized I am over so many items in my closet. I started stripping my drawers down and tossing things in the trash lol. I have decided it is time to reinvent myself. I want to start wearing more heels again and dress more chic. It's my last year being in my twenties and I want to begin the evolution. Do not trip I am still extremely obsessed with Urban Outfitters. However, I want to incorporate more Topshop, Nordstrom, and Miss Selfridge into my life just to name a few. My inspiration?

If someone ever asked me who my favorites are when it comes to dressing, it would hands down be these two fashionistas. I LOVE their style! First of all we (as in myself included lol) are small people. Both Nicole and Kourtney stand about 5'0 tall. I am 5'2 so I have a slight height advantage over them. I like that they select fashion choices that compliment their height without drowning them. They never look inappropriate as far as being proportioned is concerned. Their looks are also fairly easy to achieve. I like that they both dress adult, sexy, slightly playful, and tasteful all in one. Both of these ladies are in their early 30s which is another reason I love their style. They set a perfect example of how I want to dress. I love the way Kourtney keeps bright colors in her styling pallet.. this reminds me of myself. Nicole is more on the dark side however, I love her choice of different prints she uses to accentuate the darkness, another thing similar to my current style. Now, of course I am WAY thicker than them but they give me so many ideas on how to dress myself. I am excited to incorporate more structured bags, shades, and boyfriend jeans into my collection. I can't believe I am saying this but the All Stars have got to go.. well except for maybe my black pair. Less graphic tees.. more solid colors. I love shopping so this is going to be exciting. It is also going to be a process. People who come to me for styling help always ask me.. how do you build a wardrobe without spending a ton of money at once? Allow me to show by example..

As far as the items that haven't been trashed already. A lot of them are going to be donated, some of them will be sold on eBay and Doll Shoppe. As far as my new style/ make over, Stay tuned...

Who inspires you when it comes to fashion?

Making my dreams come true,


  1. I'm hitting 30 on Christmas Eve and have decided too that it's time to reevaluate how I dress. I recently donated 3 big bags of clothing to a local charity and I still have more to get rid of. As for inspiration I normally read blogs for inspiration and style tips :)

    1. Happy early Birthday Doll!! I went through all of my items this week. I consigned a few items but gave most to charity. I can't wait to start this new fashion journey. Just like you I look at blogs for inspiration and ideas. :)


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