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The 5.00 Pre-Christmas Auction..

Call me crazy I don't care.. going on RIGHT now at my eBay Shoppe  several items are currently being auctioned off for a starting price of 5.00. This is not a drill nor a typo. I will say it again, almost all of my entire inventory is going via auction at a starting price of 5.00... above are are just a few of the items up for grabs. Over 150 items are currently marked down and ready for you to take home with. All of the summer blowout items that were originally $5.00 are now being auctioned off for a starting price of .99. (ninety nine cents). Hey what can I say? I am in the giving mood. Don't get too comfortable.. this sale is currently going and ends Sunday 12.22.13 at about 5:30 pm eastern time. Merry Christmas all! 

You don't have much time.. click HERE  to start browsing and bidding NOW. 

Making my dreams come true,

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