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Merry Christmas all !!! Now that I have calmed down I figured today would be the best time to talk about what happened to me.. especially since it relates to Christmas.You ever wake up and think about the things that previously happened to you and wonder if it was all a dream? That was me this past Saturday. Every year Michael Jordan releases a retro 11 shoe in a different color. People absolutely go ape shit about them. This year the "Gamma Blue" edition was the pair to have. My son is getting older. His Christmas wish list has gotten extremely short in items but stupid big in price. Clearly my "friend" has a major influence on him because he heard us discussing the shoes and he decided he wanted a pair. The shoes in his size retail at 185.00 ...197.95 after tax to be exact. He was given a choice of items he wanted and needless to say he went with the sneakers. As soon as I saw them I knew I had to have a pair myself.

I won't go into detail but we will just say after my son's attempt of snagging his pair by standing outside of a store all night failed. (He was devastated.) Mama mode kicked on... I got my pair with a breeze and my "friend" got his with a few jumps and breezes (another long story lol). My son. had.!! After doing all the things I said I wouldn't do.. you know, stress, wait in line for hours, and literally run from store to store. There was an angel who stood about 6 feet with a striped hoodie, snap back, and nappy ass hair standing in the last store I tried for my son's shoe size. I over heard him saying he had a size 8 that he didn't want. It was like light lit up behind him and I heard angels cry. It was a half size too big but I didn't care! After utilizing strong negotiation skills, I got my kid his sneaks for.. 2. Don't even worry about how much I got them for.. just know I got them. I had been at the mall since 645 am after going to bed at 1am, went to 4 stores, and was only running on a large cup of coffee. My nerves were shot to hell.

I know all this sounds absurd. However, when I picked my son up and handed him the box... his eyes lit up and his smile expanded from Earth to Jupiter. It made the stress, lack of sleep, and extra money spent vanish. I am a sucker for that little boy... anything to make him smile. For the record I will NOT be dropping extra cash on shoes ever again.. nor will I be the one hoping from store to store like a lunatic to get a pair. If he doesn't get them.. oh well! lol.

Making my dreams come true,

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