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Product Review: Organix Coconut Milk Conditioner

Hello Curlfriends,
As you all know I have natural hair. I have to be honest when I say I am VERY lazy when it comes to my tresses. Luckily I have okay genes and have a pretty manageable grade of hair. As they say too good to be nappy and too nappy to be good. Yeah, that is me. Anywho, after a dreadful wake up call from my occasional hair stylist about how I maintain my hair. I decided I'm going to do much better.. and by better I decided I am going to get back to alternating my shampooing with co-washes. I kicked off this new regiment with this product..

 Just to give you a little background... for the last year I have been overly obsessed with the Creme of Nature with argan oil line. To be honest I think my hair is tired of it. Or either has grown used to it, that will happen. I had heard about the Organix products and the raves. I wanted to try the Moroccan conditioner and shampoo with argan oil, but I figured I should give the argan oil a rest. So instead I tried this one infused with coconut milk.
Oh! Co-washing is when you only wash the hair with conditioner. It gives the hair extra moisture and makes it soooo soft!
First thing I noticed was the smell of this stuff. It smells AMAZING. OMG, I LOVE the scent. I rinsed my hair of all the products that were in it to clean it up a bit. It had not been shampooed in a week and had a little build up. After I rinsed it I towel blotted it and parted it into four sections.  My hair is so thick, dividing it is the only way I can ensure each section is washed  properly. Section by section I wet and placed an ample amount of conditioner in the hair and washed it through. Once I was done I then put more conditioner in the hair and allowed it to sit for 15-20 minutes. The hair was still divided into four sections. After rinsing out the conditioner for the second time I towel dried my hair..
Man on man.. my hair smelled great and was baby soft. I then part my hair into 4 sections again and sprayed each section down with my creme of nature with argan oil perfect 7 leave in conditioner spray..

I did my usual chunky twists through out my hair after spraying each section and easing the product through with a large tooth comb. I let it dry over night. Instead of a bonnet I slept on my satin pillow case. Having the hair open and uncovered allows it to dry quicker. I do it also because I dislike sleeping with my hair covered. The next day my hair was PERFECT...

Excuse the mini photo shoot I was feeling myself. Ha! My hair was, uber moisturized, soft like a cotton ball, and had tons of volume. I got so many compliments on my hair that day.

The Organix line can be found pretty much everywhere.. Walgreens, Target, most grocery stores. I found mine at Publix. It costs 7.99. I think I am going to purchase the shampoo next and do my weekly washing ritual with this. Instead of the Perfect 7 spray I may try the coconut oil that accompanies this product. Overall I'm going to give this product a big fat thumbs up! I can see it being a staple in the pantry of limited products I use on my hair. (I am so not a product junkie) If anyone is contemplating using this product, I hope this helped. Have you ever used this product? If so how did it work for you?

Making my dreams come true,

Just in case you wanted to know when I got my hair blown out recently, my stylist pointed out slight damage to my ends. She said she could tell I had NOT been sleeping with a satin bonnet or pillow case. She was absolutely right! Most of the time I don't care and just go to sleep. She explained that when the hair is in it's curly state it is completely vulnerable to certain fibers and cotton is a BIG no no when it comes to natural hair. The curls get caught in the fibers and begins to break of.. for easier terms the fibers of satin are slick and pretty much do not grasp the hair. Sleeping on cotton fibers has stunted my hair's growth. Needless to say a sister like me has been sleeping with my satin pillow case when a bonnet is not in use. I thought that would be interesting for you ladies to know..

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