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Flannel Dreams

Boyfriend T Shirt- Target// High Waist Acid Wash Jeans - Urban Outfitters// Flannel Button Down- Target// Low Top All Stars-Journeys , Satchel Bag- Miss Selfridge- Similar 

Believe it or not I really threw this on "right quick". I had to go shopping for a client and my number one priority when jumping from store to store is comfort. I never understood the mentality behind chicks who put on six inch heels and tight clothes to go the mall or shop period. I have never been into limping while shopping. But then and again when one wears heels and tight clothes the goal usually isn't to actually shop if you know what I mean. Lol. I am overly obsessed with this flannel shirt! To date I have probably worn it *counts fingers* 4 times and I haven't had it a month! lol. I saw it in Target and just didn't want to spend $23 dollars on it (petty). Every time I came in the store I sort of daydreamed that it would be marked down on clearance.. welp it never happen so I said eff it and got it. I'm so happy I did. These jeans were truly an investment. It kinda of hurt to cough up 70 bucks for them at the time but they have really become a staple and versatile piece in my collection. Yes, they are high waist but today I proved they don't have to be worn with a tucked in shirt and heels. I decided to utilize the strap on my satchel and turn it into sort of a messenger bag. Nothing more free than not having to carry a bag. The shades were just an additional accessory to make the look cool. All Stars are always a favorite go to of mine when it comes to doing a casual look. There you have it, what I wear when I go shopping... sometimes.

Making my dreams come true,

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