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December Bags are in at Shoedazzle!

The more I view ShoeDazzle the more I feel confident with my decision to enroll in their Elite VIP Member program. When I was deciding between them and JustFab, I said they were losing majorly in the handbag department. Boy oh boy did I have to eat those words. Shoedazzle released their new bags for the early part of  December and.. LORD HAVE MERCY!! I have the goo-goo eyes right now! Here are a few that stood out to me...

1. York 
2. Bianca 
4. Siena 
They have really stepped it up 10 notches and brought it hard with all the zips, chains, embellishments, and colors! I am LOVING the color and size of the Bianca bag. Remember Emerald is the color of the year for 2013. Between the 30 pairs of shoes I have "favorited" and these bags, they are really making it hard for me to make one selection a month that's for sure. I kinda think that's the idea, lol. I thought I had my month's pick figured out. Looks like I may have to take it to the drawing board and make some decisions.... or fall victim to Shoedazzle and purchase more than one item. *sigh*. If you are interested in building your shoe, jewelry, and handbag collection by joining Shoedazzle, they offer 50% off your first purchase and 25% of all full price items. The monthly member fee is $39.95. For more details on how you can join click HERE.

Which bag is your favorite?

Making my dreams come true,

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