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Building Your Wardrobe: Top 10 Staple Pieces

When building a wardrobe you have got to start with a strong foundation. You need core pieces or as the fashion friendly call them, staple pieces. What exactly are staple pieces? Staple pieces are items of clothing or accessories that should always be in your wardrobe. They are your go to items for most occasions. Your closet and kitchen pantry are similar in many ways. Just like every household should have salt, pepper, syrup, and eggs, your closet is no different. Here are my top 10 items every girl should have... and these are in no particular order.

1. Tee-Shirt- I don't care what anyone says. When in doubt get your T-Shirt out. It can be worn dressed up or casual. You can wear anything from your leopard print jeans, to your a-line skirt. The best one to have is a slim fitting boyfriend tee. It's v-neck cut and fits very feminine. I usually keep a black, white, and grey one handy. ($9 Target )

2. Little Black Dress- your LBD should be mid priced, you want it to be durable enough to last for years and perfect for that last minute birthday dinner you didn't have anything to wear to, or your friends graduation. Try to keep it basic black and not too much. This way you can switch up, occasions, shoes and jewelry. The cool thing about a LBD is there is no wrong one to buy. There is one for every style, shape, and size. (Crepe Seam Flippy Dress $80 Topshop)

3. Statement Necklace- Every girl should have that BOOM necklace that people question where she got it from. Depending on your preference depends on if you go for gold, silver, multi color.. or all three. So many options when it comes to a statement necklace. (Multi Curb Necklace $28.00 RiverIsland)

4. Black Heels- Platform, low profile, pointy toe, single strap. you can never go wrong with having a black pair of heels. If you plan on splurging.. THIS is what you want to splurge on. Find a decent pair of heels that are high in quality yet versatile. Just like the LBD the pair you choose is totally up to you. There is no right or wrong pair to buy. (Leather Courts $89 Zara)

5. Clutch Bag- One thing that drives me absolutely crazy is when I see a girl dressed up in a nice dress to go out and kills the look with a oversize shoulder bag or tote. Come on ladies!! Know when to wear what bag. I don't care if it's a Celine or Louis bag if it is not appropriate for your look. Don't rock it. Always have a decent clutch bag at your disposal to wear for the appropriate attire. (Hologram Clutch $30 Boohoo)

6. Everyday Bag- Along with a clutch an everyday bag is necessary. An everyday bag is exactly what it sounds like.. a bag you can throw on everyday. I can't tell you how many times I see celebs rocking the same bag in multiple pictures. It is not that they have they don't have the money to switch it up.. they have established a standard bag that they wear with most of their looks. Now, these chicks usually pick the Hermes Birkin bag.. but at 20K I just don't think that is a practical price for the average girl. What do you think? My recommendation is finding a over size tote bag.. one that can be carried in the hand or on the shoulder. Another option is a structured satchel style bag. You also want to consider size.. since it is an everyday bag you want it to be big enough to carry all your cra... I mean daily essentials. Leather is always the best option. It looks more chic and lasts a hell of a lot longer. However, if you can find a good synthetic one that works as well. (Reversible Vegan Leather Over Sized Tote Bag $59 Urban Outfitters)

7. Winter Coat- One thing is for certain when it comes to the year, depending on where you live there will be cold days. You want to be prepared. The bubble jackets are played out.. go with something that is stylish and convertible to your looks. My recommendation a military style jacket. It is lengthy and can be dressed up or worn in a casual manner. I think every closet should have a white/ off white one, black, and a printed one. Printed could be a houndstooth, paisley, menswear print, or even a bright color such as cintron or red. You want it to be heavy enough to endure cold weather, but light enough to be worn during a cool fall evening. Of course you can go with any color shape and style but just make sure you have at least one coat that is always in your closet. (Laurel Military Belted Coat $50 Boohoo)

8. Great Pair of Jeans- I can never say it enough. Always always always have a great pair of jeans in your wardrobe. Jeans are the ultimate staple piece. I always tell my clients you really only need about 3 pair of jeans to complete your wardrobe. I light wash, dark wash, and black pair. The styles I recommend any girl have is a straight leg jean, skinny, and boyfriend. Leave those damn boot cut jeans ALONE! lol. EW. Jeans can be toned down with sneaks and can be dressed up with the tallest of heels. There is no wrong way to go about wearing a good pair of jeans... okay there is, but it's sort of hard. Take your pick on your favorite style there is no wrong type to buy when it comes to a wash. Let your mind roam free. The best place to get jeans are from the jeans people themselves.. Gap or Levis. Their styles are timeless. However, you can find them anywhere. Try to find a pair of "real" jeans. By real I mean the less elastic the better. More denim is what you want. This is when knowing your waist size comes into play. Make an investment because they will last you for years to come (1969 sexy boyfriend Jeans $69.95 Gap)

9. Denim Jacket- Denim pants are not the only thing that should be in your closet. EVERY HUMAN should own a good sturdy denim jacket. I know I keep saying it but staple pieces are pieces that can be converted from dressy to casual. The denim jacket is the epitome of this. Wear it with a button down shirt and jeans, dresses, jumpers. wear it whenever you see fit. It is a perfect accessory to a look in addition to the jewelry you chose. The best way to pick a good denim jacket if finding an 100% cotton one. A trucker style is your best bet as far as style is concerned. It lacks all the extra buttons, bells, and whistles. It is a standard jacket that can go a long way... (Authentic Trucker Jacket $50 Levis )

10. Convertible Bra- Let me say this LOUD AND CLEAR. Ladies invest in a convertible bra. Period. Please please PLEASE Go to a lingerie store and have a sales associate verify your bra size. It takes 5 minutes and it is absolutely free. I can not stress to you the importance of wearing proper under garments when it comes to your clothing. The reason I suggest a convertible bra is because you want versatility. If you wear a strapless garment. God damn it wear a strapless bra. I don't know what is worse.. saggy boobs in a look or seeing the bra straps. It drives me insane. A convertible bra has interchangeable straps that will allow you to wear any style garment whether it be strapless, racer back, or normal. The best one to look for is one that is seam free that gives your clothing the look of you not wearing a bra. Depending on how you want the girls to sit will be the deciding fact for the style you choose.. (Cotton Lingerie Multi- Way Bra $29.50 Victoria's Secret )

With these items you are on your way to starting a healthy fashionable wardrobe. Have fun and be creative. Don't be afraid to splurge if necessary. These are core pieces for your closet, they will be worn many times please keep that in mind. Cheap can cost you in the long run sometimes.. because the money you feel you save on cheaply made clothes will end up costing you in the end because they will have to be replaced. When shopping for your personal style think longevity and not for the right now.

Making my dreams come true,

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