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Building Your Wardrobe: Out With The Old

The first step to starting a wardrobe or updating yours is to clean house. I normally clean out my drawers and closets of unwanted items twice a year. Now that I've gotten older I tend to buy more timeless pieces so cleaning out for me is not as devastating as it used to be. This time will be a little different, because I have chosen to revamp my own look. This means e-v-e-r-y-thing will be evaluated and inspected. Unwanted items will be eliminated. One mistake I made in the past was giving my unwanted items to the Salvation Army. I mean, it's cool to be in the giving mood. But the number one thing you need to start a new collection of clothing is money. I have a few alternative solutions that puts cash in your pocket and cleanses you of unwanted items.

1. Plato's closet or any consignment shop- These stores are amazing! They evaluate your clothing and give you instant cash. When taking your items keep this in mind. They are not into logos... I'm sorry you think your Baby Phat and Rocawear shirts you spent $50.00 are worthy of being consigned off. Wrong. They usually go for plain items when it comes to tshirts and jeans. If they take any logo it would be that of the less urban brands such as Abercrombie or Gap. Check for rips, holes, and stains. They do not want what you don't want.. meaning if you don't want it because it is ragged.. they don't either. Remember they are trying to resale the items you give them. Keep it current. If you purge your closet twice a year your item should be up to date as far as trend is concerned. They only want items that are a year to two years old. Plato's closet is free to you and again they give you instant cash. The cool thing about them is you can take the cash and make it store credit for the day,  immediately buy new pieces, and receive %10 off your purchase that day. The downside to Plato's closet is that you may not get what you expect monetarily. They may only offer you 5 bucks for your $80 dollar jeans. Or even worse they may not want your stuff at all. You can find out more about Plato's Closet and find a location near you by clicking HERE. If there is not a Plato's Closet near you look into consignment shops. Their rules are a little stricter as far as clothing is concerned and you do not get cash instantly in most cases.

2. EBay- My shoppe (Doll Shoppe)  started on eBay so I can assure you it is a great to earn a little cash. For the items you know you want to try to cash out on such as your designer bags and shoes I recommend this platform. You can choose to sell your items auction style or "buy it now". Please know the cons of being an eBayer.. you have to go out of your way to ship items that are sold. EBay charges listing fees (if you don't already have a store). They also charge fees when your items sell. Sometimes items takes weeks or even months to sell. But, if you have dope items selling should not be a problem. Last is dealing with buyers. Yes, they will email you several questions. Yes, they will try to get the item for cheaper. Yes, they will get items and try to say it isn't what they expected and demand a refund. Dealing with eBay make sure you are very detailed with your return policy and the condition of the item you are selling. Take plenty of pictures. Be reasonable in price. eBay is a buyer's market. They are online to look for deals. Not your 3 year old shoes from BeBe you're trying to resale for the retail value. EBay is a lot more work than Plato's Closet but it is worth it. Nothing excites me more than hearing "cha-ching" on my phone via the eBay app. If you want examples of how a listing should look check out the Shoppe's eBay store HERE.. or to sign up for this option check out

3. Donate- This is the easiest option. Drop your goods off to a Salvation Army or Goodwill. They don't care what it is.. they take it all. However, if you are trying to truly do a good deed. Just know these items are resold. To truly "donate" items look for a homeless shelter or city rescue mission in your city. You get no money or hassle with this option.

Aside from parting from your loved items,  the hardest thing to do is to decide what you want to purge and what option you're going to take as far as getting rid of it. Of course you can throw everything into the trash or give it away to friends as well. I put everything into four piles. One pile for Plato's closet, Another for eBay, Trash, and last the Salvation Army. I spent all last week clearing out my collection. I didn't realize I had so much unnecessary stuff GEESH. I will let you all know when I auction some of my items on Ebay. Take it.. take it all! lol. I have to admit I'm a little sad to see some of these items go.. but it makes room and gives me cash for a fresh start. :)

Whens the last time you purged your closet? Have ever tried any of these options as far as getting rid of items are concerned?

Making my dreams come true,

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