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25 Things

I want to give a special thank you to all who follow the blog and read my posts. A follow a lot of fashion blogs and never really know the author other than their flashy clothes. A lot of the times I don't even know names. The most you know about them is in their "about me" section. I know you probably feel the same way about me because I don't really discuss myself personally. I am a extremely outgoing person but I can be very restrictive when it comes to what people know about me. So I figured I would switch things up a bit and tell you 25 little known facts about me.. and these are in no particular order.

1. I am a messy eater. Seriously you can't take me anywhere. I am always spilling a small portion of my food on the table or on my clothes. Just like a kid.

2. I don't own any knock off bags... anymore. lol Started from the bottom..

3. I swear.. a lot. Like a lot. Especially one word in particular. I am a work in progress

4. I have a condition called Edema.. it causes my feet to swell from time to time.

5. Up until 3 months ago I had given up on finding a decent guy ;-)

6. I don't spend enough time with my family... by family I mean Grandparents. I know you only get one set on each side. I will be correcting this.

7. My biggest fear is never having enough money to live as comfortable as I want.

8. I will not step foot into a Rue 21 or Dots but I love Plato's Closet.

9. I send pictures of my outfit for the night or day to my friends to ask them what they think. Jaime probably has a whole photo album of looks that never made it! lol...

10. I was originally born in Detroit Michigan, I ended up in Jacksonville, Fl at the age of 5 due to my Step Father being in the military. When we were about to be stationed in Ohio, he and my mother separated and she decided to stay here.

11. I suck my thumb.. yes, I suck my thumb. I don't want to. Old habits die hard.

12. I wear a 5.5 in boy's shoes

13. My favorite candy is life saver gummies sours :-D

14. My middle name is "Tamarra" pronounced like Tomorrow but with an A on the end.. not Tamara like Tamara Mowry. I used to hate my middle name because people would call me tomorrow. Now I love it, clearly.

15. I may have an obsession with shoes.

16. The furthest West I have gone is Texas. This will be changing soon :)

17. I believe in believing

18. When I was little I used to completely shave off my eyebrows, I have no idea why... I believe that's the reason they grow so thick now. Ha!

19. I am extremely silly.. I laugh at just about anything. I can be a jokester myself. Do you follow my Instagram? lol

20. I became pregnant with my son at the age of 16. I gave birth a little less than 2 months shy of my 17th birthday. I am not proud of having a child at a young age. However, he truly is one of the best things that happened to me. He gives me a reason of many.

21. My real life job is that of a 911 operator. Yes, I have seen "The Call".. Yes my job is comparable. Although similar, NO headquarters is not the high tech and hell no I would not get that involved. And hell hell no none of my coworkers are sexy.

22.  I over spend on clothes.. no really. I need to gain more self control.

23. Cognac over Vodka... hands down.

24.I am always on a health kick or diet.. lol! I always manage to screw it up then justify it.

25. I am so unorganized and I am a HUGE procrastinator. It's disgusting. I always feel like I'm rushing and last minute doing things. Oh, wait... I AM! lol. I say I am going to do better.. but it just never works out that way.

I hope this helps you understand me a little better. Can you relate?

Making my dreams come true,


  1. I can relate to a LOT of things! Glad you did this post, a lot of the time I read blogs and people always put their BEST photos on and after a while it can just seem a bit .... "unreal" (if that makes sense?) - it's nice to be able to identify with the blogger I feel, also I think a lot of bloggers try to come across as "perfect" (ain't no such thing) so it's refreshing to read that you make a mess when you eat, swear and procrastinate just like me! :D

    1. HAZEL!!! I need to get out of the country and visit YOU! lol This is the reason I did this post. I'm so happy you feel how I feel and we can relate. I am no where near perfect so it's no sense in faking it lol. Thank you for reading my posts... did you get your rings?

  2. I can totally relate to a lot of the things that you have written...LOL probably too well. This was a fun read.

    1. LOL! I knew I wasn't the only one who did a lot of these things. Thanks for reading!

  3. you and I are one in the same except you seem to be a lot more fun lol...this was indeed fun to read

    1. Lol.. Thanks for reading. I'm glad you enjoyed!

  4. Ahhh, I am so happy that I came across your blog! It is so much fun, and I will definitely come back.

    1. I'm happy you found it too.. love reading your posts as well. Your boys are just toooo adorable :)


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