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Yay or Hell Naw: Skeletal Fashion

I remember some years ago skull fashion was the IT thing. But just like all fads it eventually faded away. Well, it would seem as if someone decided to not only bring the trend back but innovate it. To hell with a skull, this new trends makes you appear to be the skeleton...

This fashion trend literally displays the internal bone structure of a human on the.. well outer part of you body. I have see everything from bodysuits and tops, to leggings, bracelets, and shoes. And,no it's not just for Halloween..

I am 50/50 with this trend. I think the tshirts are pretty dope. I would even root for a jacket depending on the look I am going for. However, when it comes to the leggings and shoes I'm going to have to say hell naw. It's a bit superficial and over the top. I like to do trends but in moderation. I think a cute shirt, maybe a dress, or even a bodysuit covered with a jacket would serve me just fine. What do you think of this trend? Drop me some comments.. I really want to know.

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