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Day two of my traveling through out the DMV (DC Maryland Virginia) area. Prior to coming to this area I was in Pennsylvania and saw snow for the first time in almost 10 years. Judge me not I have remained in Florida for a reason, lol.  Luckily for me I planned well when it came to my outfit choice as far as the climate was concerned. 

J. Crew Cargo Jacket- Thrifted// Infinity Scarf- Target// Flannel Plaid Shirt- Target// Dark Skinny Jeans- Target// Pink Floyd tshirt- Target// Flat ankle booties- Thrifted// Vintage Bucket Bag- Thrifted 

I kid you not, I found almost my entire look minus the shoes, jacket, and handbag at a local Target. Target is AMAZING and someone tells lies if they say otherwise. I decided to layer up and mix and match. Plaid, and a chevron print.. hell yeah! It may seem redundant however it was SO comfortable and my body thanked me for the warmth. Not one thing I was wearing matched but it went. If that makes sense. I was soooo happy I finally found the perfect look to wear my vintage bucket bag I scored for $2.50 some months ago. Gotta love thrifting...

So far the North is treating me well. On the road back from Pennsylvania I saw the most breath taking scenery. The reds, oranges, and yellows of the leaves have left me in awe. I am a fan of simple yet beautiful things. More to come.. 

Making my dreams come true, 

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