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UNIF: My New Clothing Crush

HAPPY NOVEMBER!!! I can't believe this year is almost over...

I can't believe I'm saying this but I don't know what the hell my sense of fashion is anymore. Sometimes I'm urban, sometimes I feel like being chic, other times I feel boho-ish. I guess that's what makes my style unique. You never know which way I'm going to come at you. Lately I have become EXTREMELY fond of the L.A. based brand U.N.I.F (Ur Not In Fashion). They have been around forever (okay I'm lying 2010) but I was not as versatile fashion wise forever. So, I never had an interest in owning their pieces. Well I started from the bottom now I'm here lol.. This brand is expensive, offensive, and dope. Three things that excite me.. well not the expensive part. And when I say offensive.. let's just say don't even bother visiting the site if you're a saved person of Christ. This brand is highly controversial for it's slogans and even associated with the Illuminati and being a cult. I LOVE IT (no I'm not with the Illuminati or a cult I just think it's hilarious). Even though they want top dollar for their frocks, I don't mind splurging from time to time. Check out  some things that just have my little heart fluttering...

1. Hellbound Boots- $245.00 
3. Sangre Moto Jacket- $155.00
4. Focks- $14.00 
5. Outsider Jacket- $108.00 
6. Go Love Tee- $65.00 
7. In Our Closet tee- $68.00 

First and definitely foremost I MUST own these Hellbounds. Every time I see them I get this feeling in my heart. It's got to be love. They are Jeffery Campbell "Litas" on STEROIDS. A pair of black, white, and rainbow shoe strings are included. Oh, the things I plan to do with these. I promise I have decided to chill on UO Topshop for a while just to snag these $250.00 shoes! lol. Second runner up this effing cardigan! When I saw them post it on IG I IMMEDIATELY caught the heart eyes. "Jesus saves I spend" Like.. who says that!? This jacket is two things.. my favorite color and dope. I love the use of velvet. If you really truly know me you would  know my favorite finger and word is displayed on these "focks". I'm not big on socks but I would certainly rock these. This slashed up denim jacket goes sooo hard. I can't say it's at the top of my list, but I can definitely see a vision for it. Again the gesture displayed on the "go love" tee is my favorite. It's like killing two birds with one stone! lol. People need to do exactly what the shirt says and F*&k off. I think it's safe to say we all have skeletons.. why not make fun about them. This shirt is too cute. 

You can purchase these items and many more by going directly to the website. you can also shop for it on as well as remember when you buy from Karmaloop use my rep code: AshleyTamarra and receive 20% off! You can find the brand's shoes at as well :). 

Which is your favorite?

Making my dreams come true, 

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