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Thrown Together

Gem Leather baseball cap- Rihanna for River Island// Denim Button Down- Target// Black Sweatshirt- Target// Leggings- Forever 21// Boots- Forever 21// Bag- Miss Selfridge 

It was the last day of my weekend traveling in the Washington DC area. When I selected this look as an outfit to wear during this trip, I literally threw it together. I know I say that a lot but I really threw this look together lol. I didn't plan on this being my last look. However, I figured I might as well end the trip with the way I started it, with leggings and moto boots. After walking around thriftng for the day, my boots were no less comfortable than the first day. These babies are a breeze going through airport security. Slide off and back on. I have an issue with wearing short shirts with leggings sometimes which is why I threw the black sweatshirt around my waist. It also looks dope. A total new way to layer pieces. My Rihanna for River Island cap is truly a gem that I don't rock often.. but when I find an opportunity I hop on it. My look was trendy yet comfortable.. perfect going away and homecoming look. 

Sorry for the airport background. The days are extremely short in the North. Night falls at 5pm there (yuck).. by the time I remembered to take pictures we had already gotten to out terminal.

Making my dreams come true,

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