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Happy belated Thanksgiving all!
I will not lie to you all and say yesterday was one of my most active days.. you know, jumping from house to house to see everyone, or cooking all day. I woke up early to hit the gym (paid it forward on my calorie count), prepared my contributions to my family's dinner of sweet potato souffle and a proud roast, and laid around the house with my son for the majority of the day. I celebrated the day with the people who matter most to me. My inner family. I have been so busy lately, I can't tell you the last time I saw my mother. Which is totally unlike me because that is my baby. All day I had been pondering in my head what am I going to wear!?!

Knitted Coat (Old from J C Penny)// Bucket bag (thrifted) // B.D.G Riding boots (Old from Urban Outfitters) similar here//Skinny jeans-Target similar here // Grey Tank top - Target// Cropped chunky sweater (Urban Outfitters) similar here// Leopard Scarf- Ebay

It wasn't really a difficult choice. It was either some eclectic print joggers, leather jacket, and booties or this. Coincidentally I had just blogged about the color oxblood (here) and this was more comfortable by far and felt more.. I don't know, Thanksgiving-y. Which really didn't matter, I could have worn pajamas and been just fine. Being at my mom;s house is like my home away from home. No one was there but my intermediate family,  love, laughs (mainly because of my uber active 1 year old nephew), and oh so good eats. But if you know me, you know I am not coming out the house any kind of way.. lol. Luckily for me I didn't. I had a "special friend" stop by *giggles* Can't allow him to see me looking "off".. not yet anyway. Aside from all of that I enjoyed my day and got plenty of relaxation. 

How was your Thanksgiving?

Making my dreams come true,

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