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Selfie: Mickey, Mom Jeans, and Docs

I decided to do something different from my normal look posts. I took a quick selfie of my look before heading out last night. Check me out... 

Mickey Mouse Sweatshirt (cut off at the bottom)-Target// Mom Jeans- Topshop// 1460 Dr Martens- Urban Outfitters or Dr Martens// Belt- Vintage

First off the reason for my look. It was Saturday night and I had just gotten off work. It was the Florida/ Georgia (college football) weekend and I had pretty much missed out on ALL the festivities. Being the busy body I am, I decided to hang out downtown with some friends for the after party of the game. 

I knew I wanted to be two things. Unique and Comfortable. Oh! and for some reason I wanted to wear my oh so hard Docs. With that being said, I started the mixing and matching. We wont even go there about the different combinations I went with lol. Anywho, my Mom Jeans had just came in from Topshop this week and I absolutely LOVE the way they fit!! Like, seriously. They are high waist so I knew I wanted to wear a cropped shirt. I had bought and worn my Mickey sweatshirt about 2 months ago. I'm really not into wearing the same things over and over again, so I snipped that baby right up. It's very lightweight which was perfect for the slight temperature drop. I figured eff it, it was 20 bucks if I want another one I will buy it. I threw on my menswear watch, stud earrings, a belly chain, and my new favorite "amour" plate necklace to accessorize. I couldn't be more happy with the look. I felt like I walked straight out of the nineties. I was fly, warm, and comfy. Truth is, my photographer aka son wasn't home and I didn't want to take a mirror pic. lol I really have got to invest in a tripod.

Oh and the Florida/ Georgia after party was WILD. Don't believe me??

 Ran into my old boo... 

Making my dreams come true,

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