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As I mentioned before I flew out to Washington DC for a few days last weekend...

 I know a lot of people are wondering who I went with and why. Maybe not... but for those who are, I will go ahead and ease your wondering minds. My good friend Roderick "Odd Rod" Borisade is a poet/ motivational speaker. For the past three years he has been making national tours from college to college all over the country telling his story in hopes to motivate young adults to chase their dreams.

I have been to several of his shows but this was my first time seeing him on the road. He mentioned he was going and if I wanted to hang. *presses pause*.Rod and I are good friends, I dress him occasionally, we have tons in common, and we hang out often. NO we are not NOT smashing. LOL! *presses play*. Of course I would go! Why not?! I love to travel and see new places. The plan was to fly out to DC on a Thursday, drive to Altoona, Pennsylvania for the show and then head back to DC that Friday for the remaining weekend to see the city. I have to admit I had an AMAZING time. I needed a little break from my everyday life. I took several pictures and I wanted to share them with you all... I wish you all could been there to see the real beauty of some of these pictures in person. Get ready to be photo bombed.

Day One 

Night at Penn State Altoona 

Back To DC 


Friday Evening -Oldtown/ Alexandria, Virginia 

 Sang Jun Thai Resaurant 300 King Street Alexandria, Va 

National Harbor 

The Awakening Statue 

Later Friday Night

Found my good pal Travis! 

The train ride home, moments before I fell clean asleep lol 


MLK Memorial 

Franklin D Roosevelt Memorial

Thomas Jefferson Memorial  

Lincoln Memorial

and he quoted "Take people beyond Moncrief and they know not how to act"... LMAOOOO 

Korean War Veterans Memorial 

Friday Night @ The W Night Club 

The view from the club (heart eyes)
Sunday Last Day :(


 Met some Maryland Family :) 

 When my trip ended I was a little sad.. but at the same time thankful for being able to get away. I can honestly say I enjoyed my stay. Sometimes it's not about the going shopping or swinging every club, it's about appreciating the simple things. My favorite part of this trip was the scenery. The trees were just gorgeous... all the colors of nature intrigued me. We just don't have a real "autumn"in Florida.. it stays green all year :(.  Oh,and the Lincoln Memorial was my favorite monument, it actually made me a little emotional. If it wasn't for Lincoln and his beliefs I would not here today writing this blog. It's so much of the world to see. I am going to try my BEST to see as much of it before I leave here.. 
To find out more about Odd?Rod Check out his YouTube page by clicking HERE 

Dear Rod,
Thank you.

Making my dreams come true, 


  1. Well done! It all made sense.We create the world we want. The small things are the big things. Thank you for making that journey even more beautiful with laughter, smiles, and an open mind.

  2. Beautiful photos, looks like you had an amazing time.


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