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Photo Album: Alkaline Trio

My good friend Justy invited me out for a repeat night of fun to see her favorite punk rock band Alkaline Trio. (To see the first time click here) Their National tour (which included New Found Glory) made a gracious pit stop at the world famous House of Blues in Orlando Florida. Who wouldn't want to go on a mini road trip on the most hated day of the week? (Monday). After dope tunes, countless drinks (covers eyes), and laughs. I have to say I truly enjoyed my night.
Mossimo Sweatshirt - Target, Vintage Bill Blass Overalls- Thrifted, Lion's Head Necklace- Ebay, Chuck Taylor Converse- Journeys 
 Tshirt designer? lol

 The morning after 
Justy's grandmother's shades SAVED MY LIFE! lol

I'm SERIOUSLY going to invest in some of these shades. Walgreens here I come! 

 Oh! And DO NOT buy memorabilia while under the influence.. my varsity jacket cost me 60 bucks!! lol. No but seriously as soon as I saw it I knew I was taking it home. It will be worn again. You only live one..

Making my dreams come true,

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