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November's Shoedazzle Purchase

Hey babes,
Last week I mentioned to you all that I had decided I would join the VIP membership with Well, my first package arrived!!! When the mailman rung the doorbell I literally leaped with excitement.. well let me pause. It was Saturday, so I kind of peeped around the corner slightly too see if someone was at the door. No offense but the Jehovah's Witness folks do not play honey. *laughs*. Anyway when I saw no one was there (my mail man does the stop, drop, and roll) I leaped for joy with certainty this time. I open the door and low and behold..

I chose them versus because their selection of shoes are more my style/ taste. When you join as a new member you receive 50% off your first purchase. 50% off is an AMAZING deal especially for some of the shoes listed on the site. I took advantage of this offer and got my first pair of booties. Shipping was free and took about a week to arrive.
I mean, I already knew what I ordered but holly hell these shoes are more fly in person!!!... I went with the "Mulki" cut out boots by Paper Fox. They normally would have been $53.95 with the VIP membership but since these were my first pair.. mmm hmmm I snatched these for 29.95!! 

My shipment even included a look book..

 I LOVE getting look books. For one they give me a sneak peak of what the site will be offering and more less fashion inspiration. Overall I must say I am happy with the promptness of the shipment and even more happy with my purchase. The quality of these shoes are excellent. Standing at 5.75 inches tall they are uber high just like I like my heels.. when I do wear them that is. I can't wait to style these! I already have my eyes on my purchase for next month :). Interested in joining this awesome membership? Click Here

Making my dreams come true,

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