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Just Fab vs Shoe Dazzle

I have decided to award myself with a new pair of shoes every month. What better way to do it then by joining a shoe membership website. You know the ones that come on t.v. offering a "personal stylist" and discounts on fab shoes. The best ones I have seen are Shoe Dazzle and Just Fab. Problem is WHICH DO I CHOOSE!?! Here are a view observations and facts about each site.
President and Creative Director: Kimora Lee Simmons (Former owner of Baby Phat)

  • VIP Membership fee 39.95 per month
  • "Personal Stylists" recommends picks for the month
  • Very large selection 
  • All standard shoes are 39.95. No questions asked (this is only for VIP members)
  • All standard shoes and handbags are faux leather
  • Offers more expensive shoes that are leather 
  • Offers shoes, handbags, and jewelry 
  • If money is not used it's rolled over to the next month.. purchase can be declined if done by the 5th of the month 
  • Sales and promotions are offered 
Chief Stylist: Rachel Zoe (Wardrobe stylist, fashion editor, clothing line owner) ONE OF MY FAV STYLISTS lol
  • VIP Membership fee 39.95 per month
  • Shoes and handbags vary in price. Are a little more expensive than 39.95 even with 25% discount. Discount ONLY applies if you are a VIP member. 
  • Most shoes and handbags are faux leather 
  • Offers name brands such as Steve Madden and Jessica Simpson 
  • Constant promotional offers and discounts offered 
  • Large selection 
  • Offers shoes, handbags, and jewelry  
  • If money is not used its rolled over to the next month... purchase may be declined if done by the 5th of the month 

I am just going to be honest. Although the sites highly favor each other as far as the concept and the way the membership works, Shoe Dazzle's fashion is KILLING Just Fab's. Rachel Zoe isn't one of "the best" for no reason. The shoes on this site are fly and they don't appear cheap in quality. They are very chic and trendy. I like my girl Kimora but Just Fab is kind of like her old brand Baby Phat, kind of cheap looking (Shoot me IDGAF). The shoes are just okay and are a little lackluster. However, Just fab is trumping Shoe Dazzle in the handbag department. Just fab has more structured bags and a lot of them remind you of designer totes such as Celine and Prada. I mean I like handbags and all and I want to build them. But it's the shoes I'm in it for. Shoe Dazzle's picks are a little more costly but I will spare the 5 to 10 bucks or so to have a pair of shoes picked by Rachel any day. The cool thing about both sites is that you can have a standard membership that is free per month. I will subscribe to Shoe Dazzle for the 39.95 a month and just purchase handbags from Just Fab when I see fit. 

What do you think of these sites? Are you currently a member? If not which would you choose?  


  1. I personally have JustFab and I love it. But it's probably because my style is much more toned down than the designs that are on Shoe Dazzle. :)

    Love your new blog design!

    1. :) and I think that's what it is.. JustFab is a little more toned down. Shoe dazzle is more my taste in shoes. I think they are both awesome sites but that darn Rachel won me over. I ordered the Mulki Friday I can't WAIT to style them.


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