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Airport Chic

Yesterday I caught a mid week/mid morning flight to Washington DC. I knew once my flight landed I would immediately be in for a 3 hour ride via car to Pennsylvania. As always my main concern is comfort, being stylish comes second (seriously). I knew my outfit selection would be my look for the entire day. I also know how the fine people of the TSA operate. You know, shoes off during the infamous and time consuming security check for the throngs of outgoing flyers. With all these things in mind I selected my look. These boots are UBER comfy and slip off easily. My pants were equal in comfort. I knew I was going to a slight climate change so the lightweight sweatshirt topped it off...

Graphic Sweatshirt- Target// Faux Leather Panel Leggings- Coupe De Gras Boutique// Moto Boots- Forever 21// Satchel- Miss Selfridge 

Too early 

In all honesty I was going to go with something more colorful and fun. But I decided against it.. I wanted a more chic adult look. It's like that sometimes lol. More details on my trip to come.. 

Making my dreams come true,

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