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Yay or Hell Naw: Iridescent Fashion.

It is a trend that is surfacing runways, blogs, street wear, and websites.. its iridescent or holographic fashion. 
To be honest, when I first saw the above picture I thought of
LOL! Don't judge me you all know I am a little special.. however the more items I saw the more a fell in love with this look. I love the innovation of the fabulous 60's and 70s trend. Because like most fashion, this too has been reinvented and re-introduced. 

I'm seeing more celebs rock it as well! Check out RiRi's Stella Mccartney Clutch and Rita Ora's Thigh high boots..

I started searching the Internet and found pieces I would rock... 

These MIISTA oxfords are on UO right now I would LOVE to own a pair!! 
It's futuristic and extremely fashionable. Totally doable. Overall I'm going to have to give this trend a big fat YAY. However, I can't say I would wear it as a total outfit. I can definitely see me wearing it for accessorizing purposes.. you know, shoes, handbags, maybe even a jacket.

What do you think of iridescent fashion? Yay or Hell Haw?.. Leave me some comments

Making my dreams come true,


  1. I'm with you on this one so hell yay, loving the reincarnation of this piece but only in moderation (i.e,accessories)


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