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The Love Triangle: Topshop vs Zara

I have seem to have found myself in a bind. I seriously need to build my heel collection. I have decided each month I am going treat myself to a decent pair of heels. I was browsing Topshop and came across the pair to the left and IMMEDIATELY caught the emoji heart eyes.

I LOVE these booties!! I love the color, the style, and they are an extremely versatile yet sophisticated. I could see me wearing these with a dress, pencil skirt, or boyfriend jeans. I have them in mind for something I have to do later this month. Problem is they are currently located in the UK. I have blogged before about Topshop having a delayed shipping process. Hmmm about 3 weeks!!! However, I have never tried their expedited shipping which is $30.00 and claims to arrive within 2-4 days.

I'm a cheapskate and I will always try to find a better deal, promo code, or a way around paying for something when I can get it for less. With that being said I tried to find a similar shoe or the same ones on eBay. Ebay was NO HAPS.. then I thought about Zara. I remember seeing a similar black pair so I figure eh, why not and skimmed over the site.... then I saw the pair on the right. Again, I caught the emoji heart eyes!! VERY similar shoe and $11.00 less. Zara is a FABULOUS brand, I own a few of their pieces and shoes. Also if I order them today they will be here in 4 days. Free shipping and all. I know this for a fact.
I like the color choice of the Zara version but I'm not sure how I feel about the actual lace up part. The heel is about .25 inches taller. The Topshop version is more like a stretchy laceless lace shoe.. if that makes sense. So, here I am caught in a love triangle. I have to make a choice. I refuse to buy both, it's a bit redundant. If I order the TopShop version I can pay the $30.00 to expedite the shipping and pray they come within the 2-4 days as promised. Also, I can use one of their student pomo codes to discount my total by 10% leaving me at spending $147.00. Or, I can buy the Zara version for $128 tax included and free shipping. (and I know they will arrive in time) It's pretty much a matter of $20.00 being spent or saved here..and having faith in Topshop's shipping process. Here are more pics..

I don't know why.. but I am leaning more toward the Topshop version. I like the fact that they are more subtle in color, the Zara version is just a little too busy for me. Again, the actual lace up part of the Zara heel bothers me. Decisions, decisions. HELP!! Which would you choose?

To purchase the TopShop version click HERE 
For the Zara version click HERE 

Making my dreams come true,

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