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Splurge: Diane Von Furstenburg 440 Mini Bag

I was catching up on my celebrity gossip and fashion via the US weekly magazine when I stumbled across this picture..

I go.."hmmm those are cute little bags!". I always like to see celebs rock fashion that is affordable/ semi affordable to regular person such as myself. So I slid over to to check out the selection of different assortments. Here are the current colors on the site...

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This is the perfect small handbag. The size of it is 11 inch x 6 inch, which is a pretty decent size. It can be a cute chain shoulder bag, an every day cross body, or a clutch bag perfect for nights out on the town. It is truly an all around bag. I love the rich material and use of chains. I will say this about myself... when it comes to clothes and jewelry I'm not too particular as long  as it looks good. However, when it comes to shoes and handbags I am a firm believer that splurging on them will pay off in the end. If you buy the right items they can become a timeless piece that you can carry with you in life FOREVER. Some items are just worth it. Priced at $350.00 this is a total splurge, but a very versatile and worthy one.. In my opinion. I am definitely considering making this a part of my collection. My favorite is the leopard print... the crimson is second. What do you think of this bag? Would you buy it?

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You can purchase either of these bags by clicking HERE

Making my dreams come true,

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