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 Truly Madly Deeply Tie Dye Muscle Tee (Urban Outfitters)// Double Split Maxi With Stud Belt (River Island)// Cut Out Booties (privileged) purchased from earlier this year// Treasure chest ring set (Urban Outfitters) 

I keep telling you all I am a compulsive shopper. It's a very very sick disease. I buy things and hold on to them until the time is right. I've had this whole outfit for a few weeks now. Between, being a mom, working my job that pays the bills (right now), and Doll Shoppe I've had no "me" time. I really do juggle a lot. I had gotten my hair blown out and had been nowhere to show it off other than work. I decided to put on a little make-up and my new fall lips.. oh and HEELS! 6.25 inches at that. I threw this on and stepped out.

I threw this on and stepped out. Now, where I went required no heels at all but I really didn't care. These are actually pretty comfy. Although I am married to my sneaks I have to let people know I can still get a little jazzy from time to time. I caught this shirt on sale last month during one of UO's amazing additional 20% off sale items sale for $14 (gotta love them), the skirt was on sale at about 2 months ago for $20.00 I bought the booties from Lulu's earlier this year.. maybe the end of last year for $90. I found this cheap Fergie lipstick from Walgreen's for like $3. I'm really not a makeup person, but I like this color. I'm going to start wearing more shades.

Oh yeah, I really have go to invest in a tripod with the little click click thingy for these look posts. My poor son is getting fed up with being my personal photographer. The freaking sun was in my face and he gave not one damn. lol! Unfortunately my entire look is sold out online. So I can't give you guys the links. Sorry :(

Making my dreams come true,

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