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With the weekend approaching and payday for some...I figured I would hit you all with yet another UK website I stumbled across. The site is It features trendy clothing, shoes, and accessories for women. You will find a lot of form fitting and solid color looks on this site. Their price range is medium range. Most of their items are $56.00. I searched the entire inventory which didn't take long. They don't have many products but what they do have stands out and will have you fly. Here are my top 5 picks from the site. 

At first I was a  little skeptical about skirts with splits in them.. I don't know why I just was. I actually dig this one.. I like the zipper detail on the side. This romper is uuuuuber cute to me! I know the cooler months are knocking on our door. However, I would pair this with sheer tights and rock it out with with some Jefferey Campbell Litas. This dress.. three things.. simple.. lime green.. chic! Pair this one with a basic black pump and a leather moto jacket and clutch. I mentioned before that I was looking for a maxi cardigan .. this one isn't that. But, its so hot. I sooo love the hippie/ boho look. I would definitely convert this one over to a fall look by pairing it with a black turtle neck shirt and black skinnies. This sweater is bold in color and super cute. I think it would be a solid piece that can be worn several different ways. 

Hands down my favorite is the leopard playsuit. Which is yours? 

Making my dreams come true, 

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