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No lie.. I'm Still No Lye.

Based on my pictures most of you can tell my hair is natural. Meaning, I allow it to be in it's natural state without the assistance of chemicals. To sum it up I don't get "perms" or to be politically correct "relaxers", lol. You never know what to expect when it comes to the type of hairstyles I choose. One day it may be a big puff, braided, or a bun. I honestly have become bored with it.. I decided to do something I rarely do. Have it blown out and flat ironed. The main reason why is because I prefer not to have a shit load of heat on my hair because it can be damaging when done in excess. I have also heard horror stories of peoples' hair texture changing from doing it in excess. I would be SICK. Anyway, here are the results... 

After having my ends clipped.. this is what I am working with. I LOVE it. There is only one person at this point who I trust to do a lasting blowout with my hair and that is my Diane Cochardo. My hair is healthy, silky, and bouncy. It actually looks relaxed. I've gotten sooo many compliments on it and a few side eyes because people thought I converted back to the creamy crack. lol!! NEEEEVA!! Today I am a week in and it is STILL just as beautiful. If you are interested in having your hair blown out OR just want to get your hair hooked up holler at my girl. You can reach her at (904) 323-8696. To see more of Diane's work check out the previous post I did on her by clicking HERE .

Making my dreams come true, 

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