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I have a confession, and it's probably not hard to tell. I've been über lazy for the last week.. The reason I say it's not hard to tell well.. I mean I haven't blogged in over a week! You all should know me better than that. Not to worry.. I'M BACK!! Saturday I literally stayed in the house allll day and put on no clothes until that evening. Yesterday I decided I would not repeat my sloth ways. However, I still felt lazy about my style. People always ask if I have a dress down day. Yes, here's what it is..

Cargo jacket- J Crew (Thrifted)// Boyfriend tee shirt -target// faux leather leggings I Heart Ronson- Jc Penny (über old)// Geo print sneaks Deena and Ozzy-Urban Outfitters// Rings- eBay// handbag- Miss Selfridge// 


The inspiration for this look actually came from the comfort of my bed (LAZY). My closet is sort of color coded but it gets mixed up from time to time.. anyway, the jacket was hanging the "black section" of my closet hanging directly over my sneaks that had sort of been kicked in the closet (LAZY). My hand bag was hanging on the door. I saw the vision right there. I grabbed my boyfriend shirt from my drawer, the leggings, and went with it. Even though I was pretty much wearing all black the olive and lip color gave the look a pop. Olive is a neutral color.. it can "balance" out a look without being over empowering.

Unfortunately my shoes and handbag are sold out on both websites. The jacket was thrifted for about$2.50. I got the shirt from my local target (they keep them in stock), and my leggings were bought about 5 years ago..

Funny thing about the leggings..when I bought these leather leggings from J C Penny about 5 years ago every laughed at me. I didn't care I just knew they would be an all time staple of mine. To this day I have people ask me where I got them from. I hate to say I got them years ago because I know people think I'm on some "she doesn't want people to know where she shops/ have what she has." I'm a fashion blogger for Christ sake! loll I don't care! They are sooo comfy and light weight enough to be worn on a cool day as such, yet heavy enough to be worn on the coldest winter day. 

That ain't have s*&t to do with with this but I just thought that I should mention, lol!

Making my dreams come true,

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