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Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery..

SMH is exactly what I did I as was browsing for a client when I stumbled across the shirt to the Right. It is no secret that designers are inspired by other designers. But geesh... If you do a flash back I actually own the Urban Outfitters version..
It is hands down on of THEE dopest shirts I currently own. You all can want to shoot me or hunt me down to curse me I don't care. I think the F21 version looks tacky. Even if I never saw the UO version I probably would have scrolled past it. I would think they were reaching... as I do with a lot of their Biggie and Pac shirts. Maybe I feel some type of way because I bought mine back in February.. and here comes F21 strolling along eight months later trying it. I mean, they took all the words, rearranged them, and threw another picture on the tee. It's no wonder F21 stays being accused for infringing designs. I never really believed why until now... okay I'm lying. I see them duplicating several high end looks. From handbags to their shoes. And all that is fine. But, you all know how I feel about UO... They took it too damn far! LMBO.

I know the UO version is about $24.00 more but it really is a great shirt. I wore it to a concert, I wear it to the grocery store, and even to the gym. I loved it so much I recommended it on their website. Don't believe me? Click here (3rd review). Sometimes I think it's just best to spend the money for the quality of a piece. I have no regrets about my $40.00 spent. I mean you can feel the same way about the F21 version.. but the UO version wins by knock out, first round. In my opinion :)

To purchase the Urban Outfitters version click HERE 
To purchase the Forever 21 version click HERE  

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