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Fall Fashion: Koi & Acai

This week's focus are two colors from the Pantone Fall 2013 colors. Here we have Koi and Acai. We will just say orange and purple lol. Here are a few of my picks from different websites in the color categories. All pieces $100 or less... 

1. Mink Pink Once a Cheater Sweater $59.07 - Asos 
2. Platform Sueded Heeled Shoe $109.00 - Choies 
3. UO Glow In The Dark Nail Polish $5.00 - Urban Outfitters 
4. Stud Base Zip Panel Messenger Bag $50.00- River Island
5. Double Stone Id Bracelet $15.19- Asos  
6. Blazer and Pencil Skirt With Bold Floral Print. 75.94 & 59.07- Asos

When it comes to "koi" think orange. Bright orange, burnt orange, orange orange...all of that. I love the name of the sweater.... and the sweater it's self. Uber dope. I would pair it with a faux leather trouser and pointy black pumps. Okay, okay I lied to you all just a little these shoes are 109.00 But as cute as they are I would spend the extra $10!  They are a perfect "pop" of color for a basic look. I am a fan of bright nail polish. I'm usually the one to wear metallic and dark colors during the fall and winter months but I would be willing to give this glow in the dark tone a try. I really am getting into liking messenger bags more.. especially ones with zippers and chains. If you want something to pile on your wrists.. THESE are the type of bracelets you should look for. Pair them with other bracelets, a watch, and you are good to go. I have been seeing people wear matching blazers and skirt and or blazers and pants. I think this set is gorg... this fall I want to try as many trends as possible. I think this would be fun.

1. Flowers Tank $45- Topshop 
2. Motel Zabby Dress $33.75- Asos 
3. Jewel Leaf Stud Earrings $8.44- Asos 
4. Disco Pants $20- Boohoo 
5. Soft Zip Holdall $76- Topshop
6. Crochet Lace Shorts $59.07- Asos 
7. Reebok Freestyle High Tops $70- Urban Outfitters 

Think berry and deep purples when shopping in this color category. I have a thing for floral prints.. this shirt is fab to me. Pair it with jeans and a blazer with a single heel shoe for an oh so chic look. I understand this dress is sleeveless. However, pair it with a fitted blazer sheer stockings and sexy heels.. viola! You have a wonderful fall look. I love love love these earrings! I am definitely seeing myself buying more dramatic bejeweled pieces. I am a fan of disco pants.. however, some of the colors are way too bright and flashy, especially for the winter months. I love these deep color disco pants. They would look fab with a dark grey sweater (grey is a fall color as well.. that is a later post tho). I mentioned earlier I am a fan of messenger bags.. this over sized one from Topshop is basic, yet a staple piece to have for years to come. Again, yes.. these are shorts. However, pair this with a chic black turtle neck.. opaque tights and platform pumps and I promise you will make a statement. I almost did a cartwheel when I saw these freestyle Reeboks!!! OMG! I LOVE them (I know I saw I love everything) but no, I reaaaally love these lol! These can be worn with a dark legging and over sized sweatshirt or sweater.. oooh even one that falls off the shoulder *heart eyes*.

Which is your favorite?

Making my dreams come true,

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