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Yay or Hell Naw: Cake and Tee Metallic Sweat

Now, as you all may know I have a secret love affair with they can do no wrong in my eyes.. most of the time. Well, while browsing their website they may have just did one dirty. I LOVE metallic fashion.. I don't discriminate. But this may have just taken it too far...

Priced at 70.00 we have a Cake and Tee Metallic Sweat shirt. I am all for metallic but in spurts when it comes to my look. However, I am up for a challenge. I think finding the right pieces to complete this look would be just that. One thing I can say is that I would def have to do a laid back look. Maybe a boyish chic look (jeans and heels). You would have to be VERY careful with how you choose to accessorize. I would not do a necklace at all and maybe some stud earrings. You can take something from "different" to tacky real quick by how you finish it off. I am going to vote YAY on this one for the sake of fashion.. but Hell Naw at 70.00. You won't be seeing me rock this one, unless of course it goes on sale :) 

Would you rock this? Yay or Hell Naw. If so, how? Leave me some comments below!

To purchase this piece click HERE 

Making my dreams come true,

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