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Rihanna's Toned Down VMA Look

Had I not been following Rihanna on Instagram and saw the "stitched pillow" post. One would think she was incognito from the 2013 VMAS this year. Well, it was actually rumoured that was was not going to make it. It was pretty apparent the VMAs were the last thing on RiRi's mind. Not only did she skip the run way (sad face) she came dressed down, sat in the front row, and gave performing artist looks of "why the f*&k am I here??". (Think Drake's performance) Even though she dressed all the way down, it's Rihanna... and when it comes to style she can do no wrong.. most of the time.

As normal she rocked her signature Ririwoo lipstick. She paired an MC Lyte "gotta get a rough neck" muscle tee, with a pair of boyfriend jeans from her upcoming fall collection for River Island and Manolo Blahnik chao sandals. Accessorized with stacked on arm bangles, rings, and a chunky diamond encrusted necklace..oh! Let's not forget the cross grill she had in her mouth.

You can pre-order her 125.00 jeans from River Island by clicking HERE
And If you're about that life you can splurge 695.00 on her heels by clicking HERE
I'm not sure where she got her shirt from :(

Remember I mentioned her "Why the f*&k am I here looks?".. Well, here you have them. lol

LMAOOOO.. gotta love RiRi!

How do you feel about Rihanna's look? I would rock it.. would you?

Making my dreams come true,

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