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Come a little closer look at what I found..That's right fellas I have something for you! With fall coming it's time for you to transition from those tank tops and shorts to something more weather appropriate. I love fall for men too because it allows you all explorer different styles and actually try new things.. example layering, scarfs, and fitted jeans! Don't be afraid to try something aside from baggy jeans and sweatshirts.. With a new season approaching, I can't think of a better time to introduce a new website to you all. Ladies.. if you dress your man this is definitely a site you want to check out. is a UK site and the male version of one of my favorite chick sites I LOVE it! I went through their entire stock and picked a few items that stood out to me..

Givenchy has ruined my life with the barking dog t shirt he donned on the runway some years ago. It's a trend that has been copied by many. I think this growling bear shirt is dope.. pair it with some clean wheat timbs, black jeans, and a leather jacket.. I promise you will get attention from the ladies. I love plaid for the fall. I also love denim, this shirt is a combo of them both. Wear the sleeves long or roll them up, it's up to you. Aside from smelling good I love seeing a man in a sweater.. I LOVE the texture of this one. Guys, it's time to say goodbye to plain ole hoodies. Try something more grown up and fashionable like this leather hoody. I love the fact that it is lined with a sweatshirt that can be removed. Remember when I mentioned wearing a leather jacket with the bear shirt? This is a perfect example of one to go with. I looooove texture when it comes to men's clothing. Let's just be honest dressing you guys is pretty cut and dry, tops, bottoms, shoes. I think every guy should have jackets to complete this look. The bomber jacket is fitted and would be uber sexy on a guy. Again, I love plaid! EVERY man should own a black, brown, grey, and some type of printed blazer. This is a perfect example of it.. this blazer can be worn with jeans or slacks. One thing I dislike about this site is the fact it has an abundance of skinny jeans. I personally hate skinny jeans for men. Unless you are.. well, skinny. However, I love the idea of a man wearing slim jeans.. they are more fitted, give the illusion that you are smaller, and look freaking great with all shoes. This dark wash pair can be paired with so many items.. including EVERY item on this list. Another staple piece a man should own is a good pair of dress shoes. I think saddle shoes are dope.. however, they can be very expensive depending on what brand you chose to go with. At 100.00 these are an excellent starter pair to own.. I love the two tone effect as well. With the summer going away it's time to drop the fitted caps and trade them out for something more sophisticated.. like this newsboy hat.Grey is a neutral color and can be worn as an accessory with many different textures and styles.

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Which is your favorite?

Making my dreams come true,

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