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Maxi Cardigan

I currently have a hankering for a piece...

It is a maxi cardigan. It is sexy, it can be boho, it can be retro, it can be fun. It's a style that can be worn year round. It can be whatever you want it to be... however it's almost IMPOSSIBLE to find. *Emoji sideways face*. I have been looking everywhere for one that appeals to me and that is affordable. (I saw one for $120.00 pssssh yea right.) They are either too short, not right, or just plain ugly. I really would prefer one like the first picture chiffon and with kimono sleeves.  However, I would also take a sweater version for the cooler days. I'm literally kicking myself because I found one in Forever 21 about a year ago and kinda shrugged it off like it wasn't a big deal. I was like "Eh, if it's here next week I will get it". Well folks.. someone knew better than I and snagged that hoe before I made it back a month later *looks down at ground*. Little did I know it was a big deal. So here I am now.. searching. I really need this piece in my life. Just know this. 

What do you think of this look?

Making my dreams come true, 

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