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Low Highs

I have a confession.. My total look excluding my watch and boots was under 25.00. Seriously, my dress was cheap as hell!! Don't believe me? Here's some proof...

That's right, for less than 10.00 I snagged this dope tribal print cut out body con dress from Forever 21 some months ago. I am a firm believer in not spending an arm and a leg to look good. I mean, I have my high end items that I like. However, I have no problem mixing them in with a cheap items. Who cares about a label as long as it looks good. Right?
 Dress forever 21// Boots Dr. Marten// Necklace Forever 21// Cross body vintage// Menswear Watch Michael Kors 

My necklace actually cost more than my dress at 12.80. My Grandmother gave me my handbag a while ago (0.00) and the boots rang in at about 120.00 from Urban Outfitters. Let's grab a calculator 9.80 + 12.80 + 120.00 = 142.60. Can't beat it for a total look. Again, excluding the shoes my look was under 25.00. Proving that you can make a fashion statement for cheap without looking cheap. Low highs it what I call it. :) 

My dress is almost sold out but can be found HERE 

You can purchase my boots by clicking HERE

My Necklace can be found HERE

Making my dreams come true,

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