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If I Were A Boy..

Blouse: Ralph Lauren// Suspenders: Vintage// Grid Print trousers: Vintage// Single red heels: Zara// Menswear watch: Michael Kors// "Amour" plated necklace: Urban Outfitters

I was inspired.. okay I'm lying. I went thrifting this week and came across these awesome grid print trousers...

A few minutes later while browsing the women's belt section I found the suspenders. I knew immediately they would be worn together. I have always wanted to try a Menswear look with trousers and suspenders. The next step was how to complete it. I decided to go with my dramatic ruffled button down blouse just to make the look more feminine. The red single heels and menswear watch tops off the look. I kept the necklace small and simple because the ruffles on my blouse were so overwhelming. The only money spent on this look was for the trousers and suspenders (I already had the shoes and blouse).. I think for 3.65 it's not a bad look. Money and browsing time well spent.

My shoes are sold out Online ( 
My Shirt was purchased from eBay 
Trousers and Suspenders were thrifted. 

Making my dreams come true,

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