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Balenciaga Cut Out Boots: The Trend and Look For Less

For a while I have been watching this style shoe. I see bloggers and celebs rocking them. They are cutout boots. Come to find out, most celebs are strutting it in the Balenciaga version priced at $1275.00.

Check out Nicole Richie in hers.. Now I don't know about you all, but I can't afford a shoe at $1275.00! Honestly most people can't. That's why everyday I thank the Gods for other designers who allow other designers to *cough cough* inspire their designs. If you get what I mean. The Balenciaga version is just one of many brands currently producing this shoe. The cut out boot is a popular trend started in the UK and is absolutely different and dope to me. Check out a few ways to rock it...

As you can see they can be worn with dresses, leggings, jeans, shorts, ANYTHING.. during all seasons. They are truly an all around shoe. I love the fact they they are a combo of a dressy shoe that is also casual. I can promise you will be seeing more of these on the streets if you haven't already. You all know I wouldn't leave you hanging thinking you have to spend an arm and leg to get this shoe. I have found three pairs priced high, medium, and low.. take your pick. 

1. Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane Boots  $184 - Karmaloop 
2. Chunky Buckle Cut Out Boots $90- River Island 
3. Qupid Valliant Bootie $49.95- DSW 

The most popular pair that I have seen (and I currently lust for) are the Jeffrey Campbell pair. I assumed they were sold out. I did a search and  had my eye on this pair from River Island. I did a little more research and stumbled across a pair from DSW in a maroon color. In all honesty, I'm a JC lover and one for quality. Sometimes I will break down and spend the money on something if I know I will get my money's worth. Not just because of the name. They will definitely be a excellent quality shoe, and they actually look like the designer version. I'm 1000% sure you can find these shoes in several version and brands as well. 

If you want to purchase the originals you would be able to find them on Neiman Marcus (one of many sites) by clicking HERE  BUT they are sold out.. everywhere. 

What do you think about this trend? Which look for less is your favorite?

Making my dreams come true, 

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